There’s something so satisfying about finding an unexpected surprise that you know will brighten someone’s day– and that’s doubly true when that unexpected surprise is also a good deal.  Here are our favorite quirky little items to bring a smile to anyone’s face:

1. Lint Roller, H&M ($2.95); 2. Camera Keychain, Spitfire Grill ($3.99); 3. Polka Dot Socks, Joe Boxer, Kmart ($3); 4. Earphone Splitter, MoMA Store ($10); 5. Neon Pencils, Tweak ($9.99); 6. Prism Pens, Tweak ($2.99); 7. Whatever Post It Notes, Tweak ($4.99); 8. Airmail Pencil Case, Tweak ($7.99); 9. Accordion Card holder, MoMA Store ($8); 10. Sea Salt Soap, Urban Outfitters ($6); 11. Cosmetic Bag, Forever21 ($6.80); 12. Mini First Aid Kit, The Container Store ($6.99)


For more gifting inspiration, check out Secret Santa under $25 and our Gift Guide for Him and Her.  Happy gifting, Pennies!


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