Theres no easier way to create a festive ensemble than adding a bold, conversation piece “aka” the statement necklace. Here are a few of my favorite ones that look super luxe but cost less than $20.

Blue Gem Choker, Charlotte Russe ($10.99); Teal Bib Necklace, Forever21 ($10.80); Red Leaf Necklace, Forever21 ($7.80); Ivory Bib Necklace, Forever21 ($10.80); Neon Rope Necklace, Forever21 ($7.80); Black Tear Drop Necklace, Target ($16.99); Green Gem Necklace, Studio S, Sears ($12.96); Fanned Purple Necklace, Nicki Minaj, Sears ($7.49); Pyramid Necklace, Studio S, Sears ($9.72); Cluster Gold Necklace, H&M ($14.95)


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  1. Super fun new accessories I’ve added to my wardrobe. Loving the statement necklaces. The best place (in person) that I’ve found for them is F21 at the Beverly Center. They have a selection like no other store since they’ve recently expanded their store from their recent move. I’ve got about 6 new statement necklaces from there, all $10.80 or less!

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