I’m an LA girl born and raised, but am one of the very few who has never been to Coachella before. I am, however, happy to announce that I will be attending this year despite my reservations. Part of my hesitation in going (besides the heat and crowds) is due to the fact that jean short cut offs, rompers, skimpy bikinis, and mini dresses do scare me a little. I am not one of those skinny minnie girls who can run around in the sun with short shorts and a bikini top, although I hope one day I’ll have the confidence to do so whether or not I’m a “skinny minnie”! So in the meantime, I’m going about it my way. High waisted maxi skirts with crop tops, fringed vests, crochet tops, and one very festive bikini that’s in the collage below…

Here are 13 Coachella themed options for under $30 for the very few who will actually be at Coachella and for the other 98.2% of you who simply appreciate boho hippy woodstock-inspired fashion. There’s something in here for everyone…. the jean short wearers and the anti jean short wearers alike! We tried to be very democratic!

Shop the Look:
1. ButtonFront Romper $25 (Old Navy)
2. Belted Cuff Denim Shorts $12.88 (Walmart)
3. Illusion Maxi Skirt $19.99 (Target)
4. Gladiator Sandals $30 (JCPenney)
5. Embellished Fringe Vest $23.99 (Forever21)
6. Fringe Flap Over Bag $24.99 (Target)
7. Swim Top Multi $16 (Target)
8. Drahomira Thong Sandal $15 (JCPenney)
9. Floppy Hat $13.80 (Forever21)
10. Crochet Crop Top $17.99 (Kmart)
11. Boho Crossbody Bag $18 (Sears)
12. Crochet Espadrille Flats $19.94 (Old Navy)
13. Dangling Feather Necklace $7.80 (Forever21)


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  1. I find it rather amusing that Coachella Music Festival gets so much attention for the clothing and celebs that go there. When I was in high school and college – the big music festival was Lollapolooza. I spent the 90′s wearing many of the styles that are now associated with the Coachella music festival. And before that; it would have been associated with the Grateful Dead or whatever. It’s funny how the styles really don’t change; just the way they are associated with current culture. I’m now close to 40 and I am not a big fan of the look anymore but it def reminds me of my younger years going to summer concerts when life was easier & carefree and fashion was less about trends and more about freedom and ease. These pieces bring me back to those days.

    by Jen from MI Reply