Whether you like ’em or hate ’em, sequins are mandatory New Years Eve attire. This doesn’t mean you have to walk out tonight with the cliche sequins top or skirt! Try to add a small dose of sequins to your outfit that will add the necessary sparkle without being tacky. Should you feel the need to go ALL OUT and wear a full sequin ensemble, all power to ya! But for those of us who shy from glittery apparel, here are 5 realistic ideas that you can incorporate into your look tonight.

Now, on to more urgent matter… What are you doing tonight?! And more importantly, what are you wearing!??

I’m in Utah with my family for New Years. My sis and I are going to pair off and head to the local bars to have some fun. I will, without a doubt, be the fanciest person in the whole state of Utah. I’ll send a pic via twitter when I finally decide what I’m wearing!

Hope everyone has a fabulous and SAFE evening! So excited to see what 2012 has to bring. More on that later!




Shop the Items:
Sequin Beret
Glitter Pumps
Glitter Ballet Flats
Sequin Clutch
Glitter Belt by Mossimo at Target stores.


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  1. Love all these finds. The beret is so cool! Keepin’ things warm right now, so wearing a red/multi colored sequined top, furry white hooded jacket, grey bell bottomed pants and brown high-heeled laced up booties.

    Happy New Year!!Hope this next year is an amazing one for you and your family!!!! XO

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. @Anonymous–Your outfit sounds amazing!!! Hope this year is big for you too! xoxo

    @Jessica–So cute! Happy New Year to you too!!

    @TallYenta–I knew you would! It reminds me of the beret you wore on your 20th Birthday!

    by shauna Reply
  3. I have those exact ballet flats and I wear them all the time. I’ve almost worn them out (and thinking I might should order another pair as replacements). They go great with skinny jeans and are way more comfortable for walking around (at work or shopping) than wearing the heels I’d normally wear with the same outfit.

    by Cara Reply