CONGRATULATIONS TO MEGAN, ATHENA, and ALEX & MUPPET  for winning 10 of my top picks found on Beso! You guys did a great job of curating your collections under $25 and we loved getting a glimpse into your style. Email for details on how to get your goodies!!

One of my favorite shopping search engines,, asked me to put together my top 10 picks on the web under $25! If you’re not familiar with the site, is a shopping search engine that does a phenomenal job of scanning the internet for the best shoppable items around, so it’s already filtered to the cream of the crop by the time you get to it! Check out my feature on and see why I listed each of these 10 as a must-have item!

Which of the 10 is your favorite? I’m partial to #1 but that’s just me!


Now here’s the exciting news… Beso is giving away ALL 10 of my favorite picks (including an LBD designed by yours truly) to 3 Penny Chic readers!!! Pretty amazing if you ask me, but these are only MY favorite things so I’m biased!

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

1. Build a collection of your own top 10 finds under $25
2. Share your collection by posting a link to the items in the comments of this post
3. Like Beso and Penny Chic on Facebook

That’s it!! Good luck and muchos besos!!

p.s. You must be 18+ to enter this giveaway!”




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  1. Love all the picks. But my favorite has to be #10. I love anything with glitter!! Thanks for this post :)

    by Luisa Reply
  2. Love them all but your #1 literally! You got a little LBD and everything else falls into place ;)

    by J warren Reply
  3. I’ve never heard of before now. I like it! Saves a lot of time.

    Here are my favs for less than 25 bucks:

    1) Metallic Toe Cap Pumps from Urban Outfitters:

    2) Xhilaration Faux Leather Blazer from Target:|14109103&CPNG=Women&ci_src=10043468&ci_sku=14109103&szredirectid=13626306941670445417810030302008005

    3)Merona Lizard Bar Clutch – Blue from Target:|14305332&CPNG=Accessories&ci_src=10043468&ci_sku=14305332&szredirectid=13626308596250454189510060302008005

    4) Gumdrop Stud Earring by Kate Spade New York:

    5)Penny Chic Peplum LBD (I have the Classic and Curvy and I have my eye on this one next)

    6) Essie Nail Color in Turquoise and Caicos:

    7)Highlighter Yellow Bubble Statement Necklace:

    8)Mossimo Petites Pleated Peplum Tank Top:|14217966&CPNG=Women&ci_src=10043468&ci_sku=14217966&szredirectid=13626318173311748382810060301008005

    9)Coconut Frosting Shower Gel, Shampoo and Body Wash from Philosophy:,en_US,pd.html

    10) Red Wedges from Payless:

    by Julie F. Reply
  4. Below ten are my picks.
    I love all these items under $25 ,above all I love shauna ‘s collection for walmart,
    Liked pennychic and beso at fb.
    thanks for this great opportunity.

    by akshaya karunakaran Reply
  5. Hi here are my ten picks,mentioned the product name as well.
    1. metallic skirt
    2. metallic faux leather bodycon dress
    3. genstone necklace
    4. floral maxi dress
    5. espradille flats
    6. reptile print fedora
    7. printed tee
    8. color block mens tshirt
    9. Egyptian bib necklace
    10.|null target merona quilted mini bag
    I love all these items under $25 ,above all I love shauna ‘s collection for walmart,
    Liked pennychic and beso at fb.
    thank u beso and shauna for this contest.

    by akshaya karunakaran Reply
  6. I’m so glad that spring is on the way. I’m loving the pops of color… But, i must say that the color block bag would go the most miles this year, when it’s all about color!!!!

    by Christa Gibson Reply
  7. Congrats to Megan, Athena, and Alex for winning this giveaway!! We loved all of your collections and appreciate everyone who entered :)

    by smiller Reply