Even with the nonstop downpour here in Los Angeles, it’s managed to be a wonderful Friday morning! It may have something to do with this Us Weekly article I was featured in. Check out my tips on how to achieve glamorous celebrity style without spending the dough. Here are just three of my suggestions:

1. Shop at Consignment or Designer Resale Shops: You’ll find lots of formal well made dresses at consignment stores. It make sense if you think about it. If you had a very expensive dress that you didn’t wear anymore, wouldn’t you want to make a little money off of it? Prices are usually reasonable if you find the right store, because most sellers want to sell their garb quickly. Discount resale stores like TJMaxx, Ross, and Loehmanns carry items from other stores and brands that are highly discounted because they didn’t sell out at their original destination. Sometimes the inventory will be a season late, but when you’re talking about a Prada dress, does it really matter?

2. Statement Jewelry: I’m a broken record when it comes to statement jewelry, but it’s the best way to spruce up the basic pieces you have in your closet and make them look glamorous! Take your average LBD (little black dress) for example: if you take 5-7 strands of faux pearls and stack them together around your neck with a black dress, you’ll have that Sarah Jessica Parker effect that stands out in the room.

3. Get Your Makeup Done…for free: When you’re trying to go for that red carpet look, makeup and hair is almost just as important as the dress you wear. You’ll want to have lashes, foundation, and the works! If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, go to your favorite makeup counter (I recommend M.AC. or NARS) and have them do your makeup or at least touch you up. Some counters will require you to buy a minimum amount of products for the free makeup but at least you’re leaving with something you can use for future occasions.

Have you ever been to an event that required a red carpet ensemble?


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  1. Just doing my daily fashion reading and saw this feature on US Weekly! So I scooted on over here in a hurry! Great tips!

    by erica Reply
  2. I totally agree with getting your make up done for free at MAC. I’ve had them do my make up for a wedding I stood up in and at my own wedding. They did an amazing job and I was very happy with the results. I did have to buy about $40 worth of make up but that was fine w/me because I always buy MAC make up.

    by Jen Reply