PRESS: Seventeen Magazine!!


A couple months ago, Seventeen Magazine asked me to put together a bunch of looks and budget tips for their Summer issue. It seemed so far away at the time, so I was totally caught off guard when I finally picked up my copy. No one could have prepared me for the moment when I turned to a page dedicated to me and Penny Chic! This year has been the biggest, most exciting, thrilling, year of my life and seeing myself in a page of one of my favorite magazines was simply a dream come true! ┬áCheck out the piece and tell me what you think of it. Also, click below to watch the special “Summer fashion” video I filmed for

This just made me even more excited for summer. Now all I need is a monthly column in there, is that too much to ask?!



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  1. This is so awesome! You really deserve all the success you’ve had thus far and more! You’re definitely my favorite when it comes to fashion! You make shopping a breeze not only because you know the best deals but because you inspire women to have the confidence to put on something they love, that represents them, and feel beautiful no matter what it costs! And that there is worth millions! Best of luck though it doesn’t seem like you’ll need it!

    by Damaris Reply
    • Thank you so much Damaris. You have no idea how touching it is to hear you say that. I really appreciate you reading the blog everyday. Such a great comment to read! xoxo

      by smiller Reply
  2. Congrats, Ms. Miller! This feature is incredible! I so need to follow many of these tips! Such an inspiration to all women no matter what their budget may be!

    by Bethann Wagner Reply
  3. That is so amazing! I saw that (actually how I found your blog ;)) Congratulations and Love all your tips. I do #3 all the time. :)
    xoxo Aimee

    by Aimee Reply
  4. Congrats Shauna!

    I actually have this issue. All of your styled outfits looked great!

    by Stacey I. Reply