A couple months ago, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with host Jillian Leff from Quarter Life Conversations, a new blog started by 3 women (Alex Devlin, Tina Densmore, and Liza Nedelman) that offers 20-somethings a place to go and get inspired about every aspect of life, including your career, relationships, health and a LOT more. My particular video series is about how I started Penny Chic and some of the struggles and tactics I used to motivate myself to follow my dreams. Watch and tell me what you think!

Part 1: The Look For Less

 Part 2: Can You Have It All?


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  1. Love these videos, Shauna! Congratulations to you & Penny Chic on your success! You are an amazing person, intelligent, motivated and beautiful. (Love the dress you are wearing.)
    a fan,

    by Danielle Paul Reply
    • How sweet and I must agree My mom is my biggest sporputer and I wouldn’t be the person I am today with her unconditional love and never ending belief in me!! So happy for you and all your success, Shauna!!!

      by Asa Reply
    • The dress is vintage! Got it years ago at a store called Beacon’s Closet in NYC.

      by smiller Reply
  2. I like the videos…they are honest, very personal and uplifting. However, you had too many aahs, ands, buts, kindas likes, which makes it hard to follow at times. As a member of Toastmasters International, I urge you to join a club in LA or surrounding area, you’ll learn so much, get so much return for your money spent. I guarantee it! The best to you!

    by margot Reply