This week happens to be the 2 year anniversary of Penny Chic, and it is with great honor, excitement, passion, and disbelief that I announce the launch of my very own clothing line!!! The label is called “Penny Chic by Shauna Miller” (could you die!?) and it will available at a couple places, including and will come out the first week of February!! What a way to commemorate the last two years of my journey as a little entrepreneur! But before we get into my Acadamy Awards acceptance speech and the water works begin, let me first tell you about the line because I guarantee you’ve NEVER heard of anything like this before.


For my first collection, I’m keeping it simple… The line will consist of 5 different LBDs (little black dresses), each style/silhouette is designed specifically for a different body type and occasion. The idea? Every woman, regardless of her age and shape, needs that go-to little black dress in her closet. We’ve all gone through the frustration of not being able to find the perfect LBD that fits both your body and your wallet.  I-AM-GOING-TO-CHANGE-THAT . We should all have the right to feel good in little black dresses at an affordable price! Affordable as in retails for $20! Power to the LBD and power to you for empowering me to create this collection!


I will be letting you guys in every step of the way, because I want you to be a part of this experience with me. Tell me what styles suit your body best, what shapes you like, where you usually wear your LBDs… Tell me everything and anything! I need your help!

I have dreamt of this day for 26 years, 7 months and 15 days. Thank you for helping me make my dreams come true. You inspire me everyday and I hope you’ll be happy with the collection when it comes out!

Until then…here’s the first batch of behind the scenes photos!


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  1. Congratulations! That is awesome news! I can’t wait to see the stuff you put out! I’m sure it will sell out fast!

    by Jacy Reply
  2. Congratulations!!! I don’t know you (although I feel like I do from this site!) but I am sooo happy for you!!! Very exciting news! 😀

    by KiwiGirl Reply
    • I know I feel like we know each other too lol. Thanks for your kind words and I wish you could buy the dresses! Maybe one day w’ell be on your side of the world!

      by smiller Reply
  3. I would love a short sleeved LBD please- I never wear sleeveless so most LBD’s I can’t wear. Congrats!!!

    by leah Reply
  4. Congratulations! What a dream come true. And definitely count me in to help you make your dreams a reality! I wear LBDs all the time. My fave is the one i got from Urban Outfitter in 2002. For me a good LBD has a timeless silhouette – no cutouts or gimmicks. The material should be good weight, preferably washable (thats what i love about the Urban Outfitter dress – it’s some stretch jersey material you can dress up or down), hides problem areas (I have a tummy), and versatile – can go from work to play with a change of accessories…. let me know if you need a model :)

    by Lil Reply
    • Oh Lil! Such a nice note as usual! Thank you for supporting me! You’re going to be very happy with one of the dresses we have in the collection. I’ll leave it as a surprise!

      by smiller Reply
  5. That’s fantastic! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Just my two cents: I have a curvy/slightly rectangular shape, and I live for true wrap dresses and natural waist dresses. I’ve been looking for a good black work dress for about as long as you’ve been waiting to design this line. I hope you’ll include a dress for my body type! Congratulations!

    by Kate B. Reply
    • Kate, I’m so excited to hear this because I have THE best dress for you! Thanks for your excitement and stay tuned for the launch!

      by smiller Reply
  6. Please include more neutrals in your line besides black, white etc..those colors can be hard for some of us to wear. Can’t wait for your line!

    by Courtney Reply
    • Hi Courtney thanks for your excitement! There is probably going to be a red dress in the collection, but that will be a special edition and still not confirmed. Stay tuned!

      by smiller Reply
  7. How exciting! Congratulations!

    I like a variety of dress silhouettes, but really I dresses in a fabric that does not wrinkle or stain easily with my mama life.

    by cdillard Reply
    • You will be very happy with the line then! Nothing wrinkles!! Glad to hear you’re excited!

      by smiller Reply
  8. Congrats! I love short sleeved dresses, and anything with a retro vibe to it is right up my alley.

    by Katie Reply
    • I love retro as well and you will definitely be able to style these dresses in that fashion!

      by smiller Reply
  9. Congratulations on your own line for Walmart! What an honor; so happy for you! I love the idea of creating LBDs for different body shapes. Generally I wear LBDs to weddings or more formal occasions (i.e. work holiday party). I tend to wear them w/blingy jewelry and dressier heels to make it more formal and festive. I prefer LBDs in a stretch jersey or cotton material so it’s easty to wash and wear. In addition, I like to see alittle sexy look to the dress but not too sexy (i.e. club wear). A LBD should enhance a women’s figure and make her looks stylish, sexy and classy all at the same time.

    by Jen Reply
  10. WHAT!?!? OMG! I’m so happy for you. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. All because you started a blog one day – you are such an inspiration!

    I’m just gonna throw out my shape idea and go with classic 50’s silhouettes. You can’t beat that on a curvy body. 😉

    by Hannah Reply
    • Hannah, thank you for your note. It has been such a surreal experience. I’m still in disbelief about it but I’m just rolling with it! Thank you so much for your support. We have a flared dress in the collection which I think you’ll like :)

      by smiller Reply
  11. Omg!!! AMAZING!!! Your hard work and determination keeps bringing you success!! We are soo proud of you and I’m sure your collections will be nothing short of Fab!!!! Thank you for inspiring us amateur bloggers to keep on going!!!

    by Dianne Reply
    • I’m really excited about it! Glad you are too!! I’m an amateur blogger too…I think we all are lol.

      by smiller Reply
  12. So excited about this! I’ll be 9 months pregnant when it releases…. But I’m still going to ransack the stock! :)

    by Stephanie Reply
    • Funny…one of the dresses is actually perfect for maternity! But ALL of them will be perfect post maternity. Congrats about the baby on the way! How exciting Stephanie!!

      by smiller Reply
  13. Shauna, this is amazing! So happy for you. I would love to see a modern incarnation of Audrey Hepburn’s breakfast at Tiffany’s look. So classic.

    by Jessica Moore Reply
  14. Holy moly! What a dream come true! Congrats…my LBD would be one for all ages and sizes…probably a wrap dress.

    by margot Reply
  15. I was a huge Norma Kamali fan, and when she pulled her walmart line I was so disappointed. I am hoping to have basics but with a little kick added to them, at affordable prices, like the NK line and if anyone can do it, you can!

    by marybeth Reply
  16. Oh my gosh! Shauna, this is amazing. Congratulations! I will TOTALLY be buying one. My put-a-few-pounds-on body is SORELY in need of a great LBD these days.

    I’m plus size (16/18) and quite pear shaped. I’ve got a pretty average 12/14 sized top half though – so I like interesting necklines to draw the attention up. I like not too short (knees, please!!) and empire waist or as least something to nip in before curving around my hips.

    Does that help?

    The one on you in that top picture is SERIOUSLY sexy!

    by Holly Reply
  17. I’m so proud of you! You’re talented, creative, care what your readers say and you’re the hardest working young lady I know. Your LOVE for what you do has given you so much passion which has brought you to success! Congratulations, my lovely girl!

    by Momsic Reply
  18. I am so proud of you Shauna! We love, love, LOVE you! Can’t wait to see what my brilliant cousin comes up with next!

    by Michelle Miller Reply
  19. Awwwww! This is such a great news. We are so happy for you, Shauna. More so, I am extremely happy that you are asking our help for this. This is brainstorming at its finest. :) As for LBD’s, I find that people within the US size 6 onwards are the ones who experience a lot of difficulties wearing one. I, for example, am between a size 6 and size 8. My problem areas are my arms and belly since I do not have the time to exercise. On occasions like parties and gatherings, I want to be able to wear something that is breathable, not to tight yet still gives me the shape I need. I want to wear something I can be comfortable in especially once the eating and chitchatting starts. I have noticed that wearing 3/4 sleeves looks great on people with big arms and that a peplum can hide unwanted belly fats. However, a peplum dress isn’t really that versatile so I thought about making a detachable peplum belt. One thing we also have to consider is the material of the dress. I’ll leave this up to you since I know nothing about about this, really. This is all for now. I would really want to contrubute to this journey of yours. Good luck and all the best! :)

    by Meryl Reply
  20. That’s so awesome, congratulations! I’d love to see styles that fit and flare so as to create an hourglass silhouette. They are perfect for Friday nights and for parties. My favorites are by Zara and Topshop. I’m so excited!

    by Melissa Reply
  21. Hi Shauna! I have been a fan of your website for about a year and a half now. I visit it everyday, but I don’t post as much as I used to. I wanted to take the time today to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! You seem like such a down to Earth kind of person. Smart, funny, and stylish. You are a great role model and I know that those closest to you are proud.

    Anyway, my ideal black dress would be something that would flatter a large bust. I have a large chest and full arms, but my waist and hips are small in comparison. There never seems to be a dress for people built like me—think cone shaped. Something that I can wear a bra with is a must. I’m so excited for your new line :)

    by Brianna Reply
  22. HALTERS!!!! And below the knee, in anything not jersey. Something with some structure? Please?

    by Lindsay Reply
  23. Bravo, Shauna! I know you will create some discreetly fierce LBD for us older fans, ’cause we do take cues from you about the ways to get the best bangs for our bucks. My ideal LBD would be one I wear to work (teacher) and then to the annual festivity at some country inn. I live in a place that gets cold and can’t count on constant and regular indoor heating. My figure is still quite lithe, but I would rather come off as Helen Mirren than Helen Wheels. Bet you have amazing ideas.
    Planning on waiting to get a present after Dec. 25, preferably a Shauna original!
    Love to you and your beautiful mom.

    by Julie Aylward Reply
  24. Awesome, I’ll be looking for it. On my LBD wish list would be a season-less fabric, jersey maybe? Preferably something that could be worn year round, layered, etc.

    by Kit Reply
  25. CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you and believing in reaching your goals.
    As for a LBD, I would love to see something for the athletic body. A woman who has real muscles. Best wishes!

    by Tarin Reply
  26. Congratulations! Very exciting new. So glad to here you aren’t forgetting all of us beautiful full figure gals.

    by H. Reply
  27. Congratulations, Shauna! And sooooo well-deserved!

    Please do a 3/4 sleeve lowish neckline dress for those of us who do have a nice bust line, but not necessarily totally toned arms. And would that work with a peplum detail? Is so, so much the better.

    by Nancy Reply
  28. congrats! thats so exciting. I find I love the look of peplum but I don’t like when its just over the hips, it looks like fins. I’m sure whatever you design will be great.

    by Leigh Reply
  29. SO EXCITING, Shauna!!! I’m so so happy for this fabulous news and your inspiring mission. I love all this brainstorming you’ve generated–so many people working together! Love you and can’t wait. xoxox

    by Jordan Reply
  30. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! You deserve this!
    Such an inspired concept and so so clever xxxxx

    by Rikki Reply
  31. Shauna,
    Congratulations on your Penny Chic. So creative and original I am so very proud of you.
    xo Nancy

    by Nancy Bloch Reply
  32. Congratulations to you! I’m such a fan of your site and not to mention girl power. Now for my two cents! I am curvy and here’s what I look for in my perfect dress: Will it make my tummy look flat, Will it highlight my curves, Will it fit well in the bust area and last but not least I must have like a cap sleeve. I need to be able to go from the office to dinner with my guy in like 2.5 seconds! Once again congrats.

    by Bobbie Reply
  33. I am addicted to peplum at the moment. But there are a range of dress shapes that can work with my figure. There is one big caveat, that I hope you can address in your collection.

    For those of us who are on the bustier side, it is hard to find a dress that leaves room for your bust, without showing too much cleavage. It would be great to see a dress, for a women with a cup size of DD or more. (Especially those with a fixed area for your bust). And one more note, so many dresses have very thin straps, leaving your only bra option as something strapless. Or other ones have super low backs which limits bra options.

    Congrats by the way!

    by Jame (@jameane) Reply
  34. Congratulations to YOU! I am so happy that you will get a chance to have your own line. I would love to see something in a plus size for those women that are a little fluffy. I am also looking for a dress that is not too bare on the top in which you can wear a regular conventional bra. It would be nice to have it in a stretchy fabric, that is washable and non-wrinkle for travel. I always dress up my LBD’s with really crazy jewelry that makes it look unique for each occasion. Maybe red, green, gold jewelry for a Christmas party but change it up and wear the same dress with bright silver jewelry for a New Year’s Eve party. I appreciate for things to be versatile and allow me to wear it the way I want to wear it. I am so excited for you and cannot wait for the new line.

    by annebeth Reply
  35. A huge congratulations to you and your business. What a talent and inspiration
    you are.
    Black is my favorite non-color and I simply cannot wait for your line to
    come out. Soon you will be dressing the world and I want to be among the
    first in line. XOX

    by Margo Reply
  36. I am looking for a flared shirt dress that I can wear leggings with
    and flat pumps with a crest decoration. Very French looking.

    by Margo Reply
  37. That is so amazing!!! What a stellar Holiday/ blog birthday gift to yourself. Congrats to you and your Mom. :) Anything backless is gorgeous and isn’t really easy to find in a dress for under $100, idea?

    by Devon Reply
  38. Congratulations! A fitted waist and cap/small short sleeves suit me best. I am tall, with an “older” body but I have always had a very small waist. Best of luck to you!

    by Alicia Reply
    • There is definitely as dress in this collection for you! Thanks so much for your support!

      by smiller Reply