Today is the launch of my new show “Chic on the Cheap” on YouTube! The show centers around me finding gals their desired looks for less. It’s been in the works for a long time and I’m so excited to share the first episode with you, featuring beauty guru Meghan Rosette!

PLEASE PLEASE tell me what you think! Hope you all like it!!


Shop the Items at Kmart

Sofia Vergara Black Skirt, $12.99
Sofia Vergara Lace Bootie, $19.99
Jaclyn Smith Faux Leather Jacket, $31.99
Bongo White Tee, $4.49
Chain Necklace $16.99
Rings each $4.99


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  1. I liked it. It was fun seeing how you go through and pick the pieces and why. I also liked hearing the model/friend’s reaction as well.

    I did think though the scene of you in car and running around KMart was too long. (But the lady watching you shop was hilarious!) And overall, I think the length of the episode was great too. Just long enough!

    by Jess Reply
  2. Great job! The clothes fit the model well (amazing what you can get away with when you’re tall!). Altough not for me, it looked terrific on her. The video was well done.

    by margot filley Reply
  3. Aww, I love the video! It made me feel like I was watching a makeover show on TLC or something. So fun! You definitely need to make more in the future. :)
    And this outfit is drop dead gorgeous!

    by Hannah Reply
  4. What a fun video!!! I love it. I agree with Jess, the woman watching you shop is so funny.
    P.s. you look great!!

    by Jordan Reply
  5. I just HAD to say how much I adore your blog and how happy I am that I found it. I love fashion and everything girly but let’s admit that keeping up with some of the trends is gosh darn expensive. I forgot just how inexpensive some places are. I grew up in a small town and money was was kind of tight but when I moved to Southern California and had money to spend some of those places slipped my mind. Now in my second year of college I’m more mindful of my money and trying to save. Being reminded that Kmart, Walmart & Target have cute cheep clothes makes me feel a little more grounded and happy that I’m not spending tons of cash. 😉 Thank you so much for blogging. I think this shall be a blog I read daily now.

    by Hya Reply
  6. Love it! So fun and I like the little helpful tips along the way. Looking forward to more! :o)

    by KiwiGirl Reply
  7. You did an amazing job. The outfit looked wonderful on meganrosette. Can you start putting links to the clothes please? Would make it alot easier for me. Thank you.

    by Moneezzy (: Reply
  8. Shaun! I am SO proud of you! You look gorgeous, the outfit is PERFECTION and you kept it short, sweet, to the point—I can’t wait for more! Oh, and I’m about to order the jacket, did I mention that yet? :) AMAZING job!

    by Sam B. Reply
  9. Finally! Congrats I’m so happy to see you doing your own show and how exciting! I love this video, the old lady’s expression is priceless. Made me laugh. I like the touch of humor added and how you presented designing the outfit as a follow along making of story. Great structure, interactions and content…love it!!

    by Anonymous Reply
  10. Great video! I look forward to seeing more. But did you know there is another blog named Chic on the Cheap? Just FYI.

    by suz Reply
  11. Shauna, I love it. You are a natural in front of the camera and you did an amazing job getting her the look alike outfit. The show is fun to watch.

    by momsic Reply
  12. Gah! I thought this was a very fun video. You come off on camera as so relatable. I’m going to need those booties. That tip about getting the shorter ones really makes sense, but it wasn’t something I thought about with the booties I had bought about a year ago and I never could figure out why I didn’t like them on me. It sounds simple, but it was just one of those things. Oh, and more videos please :)

    by Brianna Reply