Yesterday, The Passion Co., an amazing program and website that inspires people to start their own passion-filled careers, did a cool profile on me that I thought you guys would like! The feature includes documentary-style photos taken at my actual home and bite sized quotes from the hour-long interview I did with one of their founders. Each month, they share a new entrepreneur’s story, to help motivate others to find and create their own passion projects. It’s a really inspiring program that includes events, classes, coaches and tons of other resources.

Peruse through this slideshow of images taken at my home by Mekeal Dawson, who is clearly a talented photographer! I encourage you to also visit their site!


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  1. hello there, I”ve been a follower for a while but this is my first comment. I love all you videos, you are a big inspiration for me. Love every single post and videos.

    by Glamoury Armory Reply
  2. This is really awesome. You are such a great role model for others; esp. young women out there who need to find their self worth the right way. It is through your committment, passion and fierce determination that has made you the successful person you are. And of course, you are super creative and a great stylist too : ) Keep on going, Shauna! So looking forward to your new collection for Walmart!

    by JEN Reply
  3. I really enjoyed reading the story about you. Which made me think, that should be your next book! So authentic, interesting and inspirational. I think something that most of us will enjoy reading. Just putting it out there.

    by Sheila Reply