I am SO honored to be featured as one of Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30″ in Art & Style.  We all have those dreams of what “success” looks like, and this was definitely a part of mine.  When writer, Susan Adams, contacted me to say I was being considered for the list, I was so excited but knew there was still a chance I wouldn’t make the final cut.  Now that I’ve seen it in print (and online), it’s starting to feel real… but to be honest, I’m still pinching myself to make sure it’s all actually happening.


Check out the full Art & Style list here, and be sure to read Susan’s blog post where I’m mentioned as well.


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  1. A great choice to a very deserving recipient! You work hard, and trust me, it shows. Congratulations, and best wishes in this new year! I will definitely be buying the book when it comes out!

    by Damaris Reply
  2. Congrats, this is wonderful and richly deserved! You are talented, charming, and fun to watch and read!

    by Kaia Reply
  3. I’ve been with u since beginning…u very much deserve this accolade…congrats!

    by margot Reply
  4. Hello!

    I’m from Brazil, I read the publication of Forbes, his idea is the maximum!!!

    Congratulations for the work!


    by Kamila Reply
  5. Super Duper Congrats Shauna! It’s very much deserved! I’ve been following your blog for a while and you are an inspiration to many gals who want to look fashionable forward and stay on budget. I always come back to your blog for your penny posts and finds of the week! You have made looking penny chic very chic!

    by J Ann Summer Reply