Here’s episode 2 of my YouTube show! Some people weren’t too pumped about the outfit that I recreated on the show, but remember, I was only able to go to one store to recreate someone else’s dream outfit and SHE loved it! That’s the thing about fashion, it’s all about the individual!

What’s your dream outfit?

Shop the Look at Sears:
Vintage 1955 Shawlneck Tunic $7.99
Kardashian Kollection Sequined Jacket $24.99
Bongo Grey Blazer $58
Laura Scott Crocodile Shoulder Bag $22
Westies “Mariana” Boot $19.99
Apostrophe Tights $6

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Alisha from Macbby11 on YouTube


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  1. Lol, so dumb. “Uh, 400 DOLLARS?!?!?!?”

    I like it. I think your videos are kinda sounding a little bit like a commercial though. I like the blog entries.

    by Lora Reply
  2. The video is so commercial like. Also you are supporting the kardashians so much and am not a supporter of anything they do. I liked your site when it was all about no big name dropping and checked it out daily but now I dont like it that much. will take it off the favourites.

    by xsa Reply
  3. I really like the sparkly cardigan with the blazer: a little bit of fun and little be of professional. If she wants to wear a short dress on her NY vacation she absolutely should…I think she looks great and she’s got the body to rock it! Also, what’s all the fuss about the Kardashians? They are some pretty incredible business women. Have they done something bad that people are taking such a staunch stand against their line?

    by Jordan Reply
  4. It’s so great seeing your own show. I love this episode, especially like that you went out and bought something that someone likes for themselves. And think it is smart how you put the sequins with the outfit. I do this sometimes too when I want an effect, but don’t have the exact pieces to match. Really like your outfit as well. Where’s that dress from? I like how you presented things. To me, it just looks like you are enthusiastic and believe in yourself. If you were any less, I probably wouldn’t be interested in the outfits!

    I agree with Jordan. It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon of criticizing celebrities, but I avoid it and am happy for the Kardashians. It’s not like they’re out robbing banks, or beating small children…If any one of us were in their shoes and had a chance to make the most of it as they have, we would do the same. A quote I live by “if you see good in others, it is because you are good yourself.”

    by Anonymous Reply
  5. Why is everyone bashing the video? It’s good that at least a few people said something nice!

    by Jamie Reply
  6. Also sounds like someone touting the word “scripted” is trying to act like it’s some secret negative insight. Lame

    by Jamie Reply
  7. gosh you guys- I just wanted to know if it was scripted or not, it seems like that at some moments. i am sorry for coming of as cruel. I am not DESPERATE! or “touting” the word scripted in a negative insight. Please, calm yourselves and carry on.

    by Anonymous... Reply
  8. You mean YOU were the one making a big deal. Typical emotional abuser:

    When called on their b.s.
    A. They try to redefine the situation
    B. They try to act like they are the victims

    “keep calm and carry on” is a cliche you stole…get original and stop ripping on Shauna’s work

    by Aaron Smith Reply
  9. it seemed like she genuinely liked the outfit which is REALLY all that matters. don’t listen to all the bad comments shauna, you’re doing awesome now just like you were doing awesome a year ago.

    by tatiana Reply
  10. @Lora–Glad you liked it. I’ll try and work on not sounding too “commercial”. Nothing was scripted and I was not in anyway being sponsored or compensated by Sears FYI :)

    @xsa–Sorry to hear you feel that way. My heart has always been in the right place and I have never been paid by any of the retailers that I highlight on the site. If I’m ever “name dropping” a brand it’s because people usually want to know where they can find the item. I hope you’ll reconsider and keep the blog in your favorites :)

    @Anonymous–no not scripted. I guess I have to work on sounding more natural!

    @Aaron–thanks for protecting me :)

    @Tatiana–thanks Tatiana. Makes me feel good to hear that :) xoxo

    by shauna Reply
  11. I have really enjoyed both your videos so far – they are fun and I like seeing you shop and then piece together an outfit. The end results are pretty close to the “dream outfits”, especially taking into account the limits you are working under (time/budget/number of stores visited).

    As long as the person wearing the outfit is happy, that’s all that matters. But with the videos, and the blog too, I find that even if you don’t like the whole outfit (or just don’t think it is your personal style), you can usually take away a little hint or idea or inspiration that you can use somehow…

    Looking forward to more videos! :o)

    by KiwiGirl Reply
  12. Well, I’m not at all crazy about the tights. They are cute, but a little too see-though in my opinion. However, I love the sequins under the blazer. That is such a cute idea. I also enjoy the bag a lot! :)

    Plus, the begining does seem really scripted, but GOOD WORK!

    by Linda Reply
  13. Oh, also. Super impressed with the total . . . and I know you couldn’t shop around for a better price but the cost of the blazer really brought the overall cost way way up. Everything BUT the blazer was SO inexpensive! Totally awesome!

    by Emily Reply
  14. I’ve been SEARCHING everywhere for a sequin blazer/jacket! I can’t wait to get this! Love the look!

    by Chelsea Reply
  15. You did an amazing job for what you had to work with. I got to make sure I sub to your youtube channel! Your client looks killer, great job once again!

    by budget chic Reply