Kmart Shopping Spree!

Kmart gave me a generous $100 gift card to spend at their store and this is what I bought! I’ve been wearing the silk blouse and cashmere sweater almost everyday… Check out the full feature on the Kmart Fashion site!

Shop it Online:
1. Sofia Vergara Satin Blouse $8.39
2. Sofia Vergara Jewelry $8-$14
3. Sofia Vergara Tulip Skirt $6.59
4. Jaclyn Smith 100% Cashmere Sweater $35


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  1. I was curious-

    Are you paid to advertise Kmart clothing on your site?

    And are the skirts in picture #3 really short or is that just the angle of the picture?

    by Anonymous... Reply
  2. Nope, never paid by any of the retailers I use on the site. As for the skirt, it’s short depending on what size you get. I got a bigger size so it fell a little longer but still about 3-4 inches above the knee

    by shauna Reply
  3. The blouse was only $8.39?!!!?! I am shocked at how nice it looks & its dirt cheap. WOW!!

    by annebeth Reply
  4. I love all of the items you selected and the prices for the skirt and the blouse is a steal!!!

    by Keisha Reply
  5. Susan–Kmart gave it to me as a gift so they could share with their readers what I chose!

    by shauna Reply