About the Photographer

Dearest Pennies!

As many of you know, I am both Shauna’s mom and the official Penny Chic photographer.

For the past 9 years, I’ve been studying the art of digital photography, which has quickly become the fifth love of my life, after my kids and husband of course!

The first subject I ever took portraits of was Shauna and it’s interesting how it’s all come full circle in the past year and a half since I joined Penny Chic as a full time photographer. Working with Shauna (or “creampuff” as I like to call her) and having you as an audience to showcase some of my work has been such a gift. 

Thank you for supporting Shauna and myself as we try to show you how to make even the most underappreciated clothing come alive and look chic. If Shauna and her friends (the models) can do it, then so can you! And remember, it’s not only about the clothes. The clothes are just there to help you feel confident and be the fabulous selves that each of you already are!

Lots of love,